Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm Rocking!! 2/8

Totally a great day, trained a client in the morning, did some jumping rope & strength training, then came home and taught my live meeting, then took a nap! I'm loving getting a nap (and of course I need it with as much running as I've been doing). Felt lazy so I didn't exercise much, did some in the evening for bonus though, Stayed in my calories and made great choices. Got a new client as well!! YAY I'm blessed to have my personal training business growing! 1465 Calories 194 Carbs 26 Fat 109 protein 822 Sodium 51 Fiber BMF goals Calorie burn 2500 Actual 2490 Calories consumed 1500- Actual 1464 Calorie Balance 1000 deficit actual 1026 Physical Activity 2:20 -- Actual 1:52 I give myself and A+ for the day!

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