Sunday, February 10, 2013


FANTASTIC!~!! I got on the scale today 165.6!! YAY!! Been a long time since I hit that (like a month??) Had a great training session with new client, then later went to memorial park & ran 905 of the 3 miles. Got back to the park, ran nearly another lap, then walked another!! 6.37 Miles for me today!!! Stayed on track and am only a little over today, I personally think 1500 calories is too low for me with as much exercise as I do (set by BMF) so I keep it a little higher (SP says 1500-1800 based on my exercise level) 1628 Calories, 241 carbs, 40 Fat 98 Protein, 1176 Sodium, 43 Fiber 12 water BMF - 2828 Calories burned 1200 deficit . 2:27 physical activity 17841 Steps

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