Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2/6 Still going!!

Wow! What a day, Holy smokes, trained one client, we did strength training then walked to the school and back, then 30 mins on elliptical, went to grocery store, came home ate lunch, took nap, then trained another client, I limited my work out with her, then did 7 mins on the elliptical, then 20 more after she left before I taught my cardio classes. I didn't do any jumping or squatting, it was kinda neat just walking around cheering people on but I really like working out with them. Amazing Day! 1582 Calories 168 Carbs 44 Fat 141 protein 1985 sodium and 40 fiber Myfitnesspal said If every day were like today you'd weigh 147.9 in 5 weeks!!" Love that!!

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