Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ugghh Seriously......

Wow, It's been a little bit since I checked in, I now see that when I'm not accountable I'm more likely to make bad choices... I keep losing and gaining the same amount of weight.. Time to get serious and do this! up to 174, down to 169, then 166, then up to 169 then up to 172, then down to 169, 68 .. ughhh sick of that.
THIS HAS GOT TO STOP RIGHT NOW!!! It's already the end of January, what the hell!?!??!

Starting Completely over, not wasting anymore of 2013!! Focused and rocking. I have my bladder surgery on Friday so I'm going to try to do a liquid diet from pre op until surgery to help get all the tummy stuff taken care of (when I eat anything with gluten /bread, pasta etc my stomach swells and I have a hard time going potty.  I'm bloated today and really need to focus!!! My food has been terrible! Time to stop the crap and get serious.

171.6 this morning ..

So I literally ate dinner and started feeling bingy.. When I walked away from the table, been chewing on gum. I KNOW I'm not hungry, there's no reason to be wanting more food. I'm not needing anymore, why all of the sudden the urge to stuff myself ?!?!?! WTH?!??  I WILL NOT BINGE, I'm so committed to finishing my journey!! I'm at 1240 for calories, and in all my ranges, I will NOT go over 1550.

--Update all in all was a great day! YAY! I DIDN'T binge, had a small snack ended the day with 1547 Calories 198 Carbs, 31 Fat, 128 Protein, 1485 sodium & 46 Fiber

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