Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ready to Bust through my plateau

I've been in a plateau for a long time, I did great with my weight loss journey, losing 118 pounds then I just kinda stopped and then I've just basically coasting and been "STUCK" the entire 2012 year. I've been up and down the same 15 pounds from 158 to 174, and then down to 163, and then back up, and then down and it's totally driving me crazy. I'm tired of that and it's time to fix it. 
I'm determined to finish my journey and get this extra weight off once and for all. Next year at this time, I want to be in maintenance mode not still 35 pounds from my goal 

I am really committed to doing this and ready to stop all the crazy eating and work hard. 

I have applied for a job as a bootcamp instructor and I'm going to need to be working hard on my goals or it will be hard for me to encourage others to do it if I'm slacking, NO MORE EXCUSES!! FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!!