Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Proud of myself!!

Today is a great day!! I'm feeling great, down 4.4 pounds since starting project 10!! I'm really focused and trying my best to be successful!!!
I got 3 hours of exercise in with classes & my clients!! Just a great great day!!

Another great food day My NUTRITION RANGES
1270-1620 Calories
143-220 Carbs
28-63 Fat
25-35 Fiber
500-1800 Sodium

Today I'm at 
1,591 Calories
194 Carbs
42 Fat
123 Protein
1,436 Sodium
48 Fiber

I track on my fitness pal and every day it tells me how I did.. Today it said : If every day were like today, You'd weigh 151.1 lbs in 5 weeks-- NOW, That would be AMAZING, 5 weeks from now is Feb 12, that would have been my grandpa's birthday, I would love nothing more than to be at my lowest weight (currently my lowest was 158)
When I first started my journey I would exercise every day in front of his picture, and "talk" to him and tell him how I am going to make him proud, I'm going to take my life back and get healthy, That would be an amazing goal to attain by that day! Gonna push myself and work hard. I'd be thrilled to be in the 150's period by then. I know my body loses slower so I'm not gonna stress if I'm not that low, but in the 150's would be a great "gift"

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