Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Online Live Meetings

Join  Me for Live Weekly Online Meetings 
only $12.98 a month. www.coachkrystie.com
  • -Live online classes from anywhere 
  • -More accountability for results
  • -Allows you to surround yourself with others trying to lose weight
  • -Receive motivation from other members
  • -Meetings resemble those of other diet programs for a fraction of the cost
  • -Choose a meeting time that fits your schedule
  • -Meetings allow you to interact through video, chat and audio
  • -New topic is shared each week
  • Private Facebook group for additional support
  • -Led by a Certified Trainer & Coach who's lost 120 pounds on her own.

A little about the meetings: 

The meetings are amazing, each week has a new topic that we go over, people have had amazing breakthroughs, they've had "ah ha" moments on their journey, the support , 

friendship & accountability is amazing, Walls get torn down, and healing happens, it keeps you on track working towards your goals, The meetings are also fun & truly amazing, 

You make amazing friendship as well. 

Each class we share how we're doing on our weight loss, we visualize our goals, I give you a challenge for the week (like homework)

You never need to feel embarrassed and no one will make you feel ashamed. No longer do you have to go to public weigh-ins and share your weight with strangers. Instead you'll get nothing but positive support & encouragement you need to stick to with your program.  -Support that has been proven to help get better results!
here's what members are saying 

"I attended this morning's session with Krystie and it was awesome. There was a lot of group participation and Krystie did an excellent job of leading the session.
 Topic was perfect for me: emotional eating. I'd highly recommend people signing up for these sessions. The group support is so beneficial. 
Thanks for offering this service. We don't have to drive anywhere and become more frustrated (an emotion), which in itself reduces the stress factor an excuse to eat something we shouldn't have." – Sandy

"These meetings help me grow into a stronger person all around- Amanda

"They let me connect with people who know what I'm going through... I find support that I might not find anywhere else.. And it's nice to interact with everyone" -Tania

 "The accountability... and having the support there that i lack locally is really helpful to me" -Kat

"It was a great class. I love it, I got a lot from it. Thank you, and thank you for taking the lead. Please keep on going and keep it up!!!" -Carmen

 "I  like the meetings they help me stay on track and realize I'm not the only one that struggles, and it teaches me things and reminds me of the little things" -Tasha

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