Thursday, January 3, 2013

Catching up

I'm proud of myself I worked out on Christmas Eve, my a friend at the gym and we did 90 minutes. I ate decent for Christmas, not 100% on track but decent.

No Exercise the 25th, then got back to it the 26, 27th, Flew out to see my friend on the 28, so I got lots of walking in at the airport.

While I was visiting her I logged a bunch of miles /steps since we did a LOT of walking & shopping! Even got a couple of great cardio workouts in as well!!!

Ate in my range every single day I was gone (28-2nd) minus one day. I'm proud of myself for that as well. Tracked EVERYTHING

Started January off on a great note, I'm tracking, and drinking my water, and I've exercised every day as well.

Today I went to the park and walked 3.5 miles and then later went  roller skating with my kids for 80 minutes , Feeling good and ready to rock my new year.

Being accountable I'm posting my weight/ inches as a starting point for the New Year
168 today
Waist 30
Hips 38
Chest 33
Calf 15

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