Monday, January 28, 2013

2 in a row! BooYah! I got this

Today has been a great day ! Went to the gym and did 90 minutes of exercise, Felt great, burned about 988 calories ! I really pushed it and felt amazing!! I also made great food choices today as well! Breakfast was Oatmeal, Blackberries, Blueberries, Vi & Flax. 286 Calories , I was hungry after the gym so I had a pouch of Tuna in the glove box and was able to quick eat that so that I didn't binge on the way home or after I got here! So glad I started keeping those pouches in there for that specific reason!!! Lunch came home and started feeling "bingy" but I stopped myself, I ate 3 rice chips and then said no no no, I'm making a Vi creation, WOOOO Hoo my creation was Mock PB2 Banana bread omg so good!! Stayed on track thru the afternoon, ate a piece of gum around 3:15 and that made me just fine until dinner. Tonight for Dinner I made taco bowls out of tortillas, ground turkey, and sausages cut up mixed in rice and diced tomatoes for the family, well I knew my tummy couldn't handle the tortilla so I planned my meal out to make sure I'd eat healthy. Browned ground turkey in another pan so that I didn't have the rice /sausages etc mixture. So I had lettuce, 1/4 cup refried beans, 2 oz ground turkey 1 oz pepper jack cheese and 1tsp of salsa and sour cream for 294 calories!! Very filling and yum!!! Proud of myself for not just eating whatever!! Snack was air popped popcorn with 1 tbsp of pb2 sprinkled over it. Ended the day with 1328 Cal, 143 Carbs, 37 Fat 119 protein 1433 sodium and 35 fiber!! I ordered myself a BodyMedia Fit armband today! I want to use that to finish my journey and keep me going. I think it will really help me!!

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