Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1.30 Blog

What a day! blah, Started great, went and trained a client and KILLED it on the elliptical, burned 700 calories in 45 mins!! Brought an apple and tuna pouch with me at it on the way home around 11, and that's what kicked off the hunger the rest of the day.. By "REAL" lunch time I was muncy and starving and just kept eating those gluten free chips, Before Dinner I was up to 900 calories. Then we lost power while I was cooking dinner, took the kids to Sonic and me and my husband went for Chinese, where I did pretty good until I decided one more trip, and got coconut chicken, then I threw all caution to the wind and went nuts. My husband brings me a big bowl of ice cream and says I got this for you instead of those cakes, we'll that must have set me off somehow, and I was like "BRING ON THE CAKES!!!" He was like are you sure, I replied YAH! CAKE!!!!!! So I at a couple pieces of cake, stuffed myself to miserary... ugh NEW DAY TOMORROW

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