Saturday, January 12, 2013

1.12 back on track

I've had a rough couple days , with a bit higher calories, I've done a lot of exercise but really ate a lot. So today I'm recommitted, doing this with my husband and daughter. We took our measurements, and went walking at the park.
It's 9:54 and the food monster is trying to show it's ugly head, so I got up from the table where I was playing dice, and got a piece of extra sugar free gum and decided to blog about my day instead of eating. The feeling will pass or I will just go to bed. I've had my calories for the day, and I'm not going over again..
I'm at Totals 1,651 calories 213 carbs 36 fat 126 protein 1,309 sodium 49 fiber

I'm committed to staying on track! 

Tomorrow I'm going to start a 21 day fast of no sweets & no junk (like snicker bars or candy) and no "bedtime" snacks. I want to break this habit of the night time binging and think committing to 21 days will work since it takes that many days to create a habit. 

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