Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 1 Plateau Busting

I had a good day yesterday, I ate healthy for breakfast, went to the gym and exercised and made good choices for the day! I tracked EVERYTHING that I ate, even at bedtime when I started wanting to munch and binge, I tracked it all, I have got to get a control on my nighttime eating, it's just not good.

I do great all day and then by 9pm I'm just desperate for food, any food, doesn't matter I just start grabbing... Today I will work harder on that. Ended the day with 1988 calories 243 Carbs 70 Fat 104 protein 2,084 Sodium and 52 Fiber. 10 water 123 minutes of exercise as well.

 Here's to another day on track I WILL DO THIS!

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