Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 2012 Goals

I do not make resolutions, I make goals!! I encourage you to write down your 2012 goals, print them out, keep them with you, put on the fridge, the pantry the cupboards everywhere! When you're goals are in front of you you're less likely to lose site of them and keep working to reach them
<1. To track my food & water consistently and stay in my healthy ranges 95% of the time

2. To be as aggressive as I was in 2010 about getting this weight off. My spark didn't die but it sure isn't as bright, and it's time to change that. 

3. To reach my goal weight of 135. 

4. Exercise 20,500 mins for the year 

5. Run a 10k 

6. Walk -Run -Bike 250 miles or more! 

7. Get my personal trainer certificate (Jan 14th!!) (it's happening but I'm still listing it!) 

8. To Blog more often 

9. To take my trip to Puerto Rico for my 100 pound reward that I promised myself 

10. 2011 was my year of firsts, --2012 will be my year of growth, healing and fresh starts!! 

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