Saturday, January 14, 2012

3 Month Goals

Yesterday while I was teaching a Live! Mind Class for Sparkpeople
aspx?rc=lmr18722 we visualized our goals, and I had them focus on what they wanted to accomplish in 3 months, I told them to be realistic, to set some goals that are attainable and then to blog about what their goals are and how they are going to accomplish those short term goals.

I wanted to post my 3 month goals as well.

My goal is to loose 10 pounds in 3 months, its getting harder for me to lose weight, so 3 pounds a month is a very attainable goal I believe.

-The steps I'm going to take will be TRACK EVERYTHING, Eat properly 95% of the time and drink 12 glasses of water or more daily. In addition to my food choices I will get at least 500 mins of exercise each week in before April 13th when my 3 month goal is finished.

My 2nd goal is to be able to run for 45 minutes straight to keep practicing for a 10k.

-The steps I'm going to take are to run either outside or on treadmill at least 3 times a week, and gradually add in more minutes each time I run. I can run for 30 mins non stop, so I need to start there, and add in 5 mins at a time until I get to the 45 min mark.

My 3rd goal is to Run the 5k in April (run for the bun) in 30 mins or less. (see above for steps).

Here's to a great 3 months! I encourage you to set some short term goals and blog about them as well!!


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