Friday, December 23, 2011

Rough couple Weeks

All this week I've been teaching the Live Meetings that talk about blogging to get out the frustrations and help with stress so after having a conversation with my friend Marc in the meeting I decided to post a blog to share with ya'll whats going on. I have a hard time opening up, and admitting when I've struggled, so I want to get better at it so here I am blogging 

My last blog was 12/9 from there till 12/19 I had a really hard couple weeks, Everything from the divorce to the guy I was seeing who ended up being married (when he said he wasn't), and breaking that off, to work, to finances, to everything, and I made really really bad choices fell off my plan and reverted back to old self 

FINALLY I got my head above water and started fighting back, and have been making GREAT choices all week, I had a small set back that I was able to push thru and I'm back to loosing weight again so I'm happy about that 

I'm NEVER quitting and NEVER giving up, it was a small set back on my journey and now I'm rocking it and gonna finish the year strong!!!! I'm still up 2.5 lbs but I'm confident I'll have those gone next week!! 

3 weeks 6 days till my 34th birthday 

How are you all doing on your journey for the birthday challenge? 

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