Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Unbelievable I'm in an 8 from a 24 woo hoo

When I started my journey I was in a 24, I really could have had a 26 but I refused to buy that size so I just dealt with it, anyway  
fast forward 22 months to Yesterday .... I went to Walmart with the kids, and while they we're looking at toys I had the idea, hey I'm gonna go try on some 8's and see if they fit me. So I went and got a couple pair and went to the fitting room, UNBELIEVABLE!! They slid right up, I stood there for probably 5 mins just starting in amazement that I have come this far!!!! WOW WOW WOW 
 Defiantly a great accomplishment in my journey!! It's so weird not being plus sized anymore!! I'm just so proud of myself and all that I have accomplished!! WOW 


Also too my measurements today -- 
275 starting Weight - 162.3 Today 112.7 pounds gone 

Waist- starting 41 now 28 (13 inches gone) 
Hips -starting 56in-- Now - 37 (19 inches gone) 
Thigh- starting 32 Now - 21 (9 inches gone) 
Calf -Starting 19- 14 (5 inches gone) 
Bicep- Starting 18 in now 11 ( 6 inches gone) 
Chest starting 42 now 32 (10 inches gone) 
Neck starting 14.5 -- Now 12 (2.5 inches gone) 
Forearm starting 12 -- now 9 (3 inches gone) 
67.5 inches overall now gone forever!! 

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