Monday, October 31, 2011

My Halloween Costume

Bold, maybe, but I've lost 110 pounds and I'm proud of my accomplishments!! This is the first "Bare" stomach photos I've ever taken, I used to be ashamed of my body and hide, now I'm feeling confident enough to post them here for ya'll.. Guess I've really come a long way on my journey! 




BTW for those needing their memory jogged this was me at the beginning of my journey 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Random Randoms & some pics (day 31)

Went to the park today and took some family photos! I love them, I think they turned out so great!!

Well things have been going, not great, not bad just going, and I'm ready to push it into gear and step it up. No more slacking or mindless eating... Theres no sense in just coasting.. so here I go.. I'm back to 107 pounds gone and I'm ready to push push push to get to 110 gone..

Been busy with work and trying to fit in stuff, but I'm getting better, now If I just could get myself to bed on time! LOL this Staying up till 4:30 in the morning is for the birdies! LOL New goal this week, go to bed by 1am!! No exceptions.

Other stuff going on, some know some don't, My husband and I have been separated and on Friday I met with a lawyer to start the proceedings.. I'm just tired and ready to move on....I deserve happiness and unfortunately I'm not finding that here, haven't for a long time so it's time to let go. Its weird for me, I've been with him 1/2 of my life so handling this comes in bursts of "great, on top of the world followed by bursts of emotional eating and pitty parties" I'm doing the best I can and I know it's gonna be a healing process for me so I just keep moving forward .. I don't ever want to go backwards so onward and forward I go!!

Thanks to all who've been my support team while I deal with this, your friendship means more to me than anything

So thats my random randoms & catching me up!! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 22 of 100 days check in

So I've been so far off track with this challenge, I've been eating ok but my exercise is off a bit.. so today I make a FRESH start on the challenge to 100 days to the new year...



Monday, October 10, 2011

PBS Filming Adventure

First let me start off with I know this is really late, nearly a week after it's happened but I just haven't been in a blogging kinda mood.. So here it is .. (as compressed as possible)

Last Tuesday they arrived at 6am to the house and basically they started with doing my make up and hair and then filming

they filmed me getting the kids snacks, they filmed me MAKING breakfast, which I didnt get to eat, had to dump because my oatmeal got mushy from just sitting made a 2nd bowl an hour later and and was finally allowed to eat 15 mins later (Again turning to mush),. grr. they filmed me making coffee, they filmed me getting the kids off to school.. then they filmed me for Live! class,

then we went to the gym and they filmed me "pretending to work at the front desk, filmed me on the phone, had to do a bunch of retakes because I wasn't smiling enough when I answered the phone! LOL , then had KILLER workout, which involved, Cardio, Boxing and getting in the ring.. eesh then they had me do like 50 box jumps and then had to take a Freaking COLD shower (yeah didn't know gym didn't have hot fing water)....there is nothing worse that being hot and sweaty and standing in a freezing cold shower.. it was like needles hitting my skin.. yeouch!!

then they did my makeup (AGAIN)and then we headed to the park for my sit down film interview, : that was a disaster because all the noises around us , so it took forever for that.. Kat was very frustrated, I just had to laugh.. Murphy's law kinda thing! LOL so a 30 min interview turned into an hour and a half, I was late getting back, to the kids didn't get lunch until 4 (again STARVING) when they finally let me eat it after they filmed the stuff that I made and all of my Mrs Dash collections!

After that they had me go for a bike ride with the kids, then they filmed me jogging in the neighborhood, we came back to the house and then we went out to the gazebo and they filmed me on EVERYTHING, the elliptical, the treadmill, the weight machines, they even had me do a DVD so they could film that.

After that they had me do a "mock" biggest loser boost, and do 10 different exercises which I had to keep doing because I'd smile or look the wrong way! LOL..

So needless to say it was an Exhausting day, I did hours of exercises and filming and they finally left at 7:30 at night and I finally got to eat dinner.

But all in all even with how busy it was, it was a fun day and I'm so blessed for the opportunity!!!!!
I can't wait to see the show!!! I'll keep you posted when it airs. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Size 10's Ralph Lauren! I'm ontop of the world

Gonna turn this into day 8 & 9 blog too but I really want to share my ontop of the world moments too.

Friday was a good day, I stayed in my ranges and did great.

So yesterday (Saturday ) I went to the store because my 14's are falling off of me and I need to get new ones, I only had 1 pair of 12s and they're capris, since the weather is cooling off I was like I better go get some new pants. So I went to Value Village (like a goodwill) and got me a few pair of 12's, but I had a thought and I was like I wonder if I cuold try a 10 and just see how far away I am and how far away I am from being in them..

When I held them up in front of me I said out loud
"THERE IS NO WAY THESE ARE GOING TO FIT ME, THEY LOOK LIKE A KIDS SIZE!!!", I didn't think I'd get them pasted my knees but OMGOSH!! THEY FIT, slide right up and I was able to buckle them without having to hold my breath!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! 24's to 10's!!! emoticon

Then I went to look for a new dress for everyday casual wear and there was this GORGEOUS emerald green formal evening dress so I took it off the rack, and read the tag "RALPH LAUREN size 10", still had the Bloomingdales tag on attached marked for 8 bucks. My husband was like "what are you gonna do with it" I said I don't care, a Ralph Lauren dress for 8 bucks! I'm getting it. LOL, so this morning just for fun I tried it on (please excuse the messy hair! LOL) and felt like a princess in the dress!!!
Now I just need a hot date where I can get all fancied up and wear it out!

I have come so far on my journey, I am just so very very very proud of myself!!! Just wanted to share with you all