Sunday, September 4, 2011

PBS Interview (Detailed and Long)

On Wednesday 8/31 I had the honor of going to GPB to be filmed for a pilot, for a tv show they are wanting to do (I was selected through an email I got from Sparkpeople).

So I arrived at PBS, waiting to be taken upstairs, they come down and get me. We go straight to Wardrobe & Make up Area, where the Wardrobe lady looks through my outfits and chooses the best one that she wants me to wear (I ended up in black slacks and a fuchsia blouse)

Then I went to the makeup chair. First they did my hair, by straightening it, then they started on my make-up. I have never had makeup airbrushed on before! It was fun, but it was cold as she applied it! Then of course they did the mascara, eyeliner shadow and lips and Viola! I was ready for filming! I felt so pretty and like a pampered princess with all the attention.

After my makeup was ready I was walked down to the green room for filming. They talked to me about coming out on the screen in a fun way, They said some came out dancing, some came out spinning, & twirling, & they wanted me to think of something clever ... oh man. I had no clue, so jokingly I said um my boxing gloves are in the car, I could wear those and Oh lord, they liked that idea. So they sent someone to my car and got my boxing gloves.  So they had me do a few punches- stances etc.

That was my least favorite part, here I am all dressed up and feeling pretty and trying to look tough on  screen, I just wasn't feeling it!! Now if I would have been in exercise mode I would have been fine but it just was awkward.
After that we got rid of the gloves and did a few shots of me dropping my 24 jeans (first wrapping around me, then dropping).

Next was the interview portion, they had me start by stating my name and where I'm from, then the questions began.. Shortly into the questions she asked me "What happened, Why did you become 275 pounds ??" Wow, that was a really hard question, I got choked up and shed a few tears with my reply of "I didn't care about myself and just let myself go, I put myself last & I never made me matter". That honestly broke my heart to re-think that because now I do love myself and looking back at how badly I treated myself really hurt my feelings. Its amazing how my self esteem has gone from rock bottom to finally making myself important and loving myself...  I really believe that is the key to being successful is learning to love yourself along the journey.

The rest of the questions were upbeat and fun, I was able to smile, laugh and just share my journey & all of my accomplishments. I got to talk about how awesome Sparkpeople is, and how without them I would have easily quit 6 weeks into the journey and all my friends and support that I've found here. I even got to share about my beloved Dandy Lions Team and how amazing of a group we are!!

It was a great day, I got to share some great milestones like Tyler getting to hug me all the way around, and me conquering Goliath (all previous blogs of mine). She asked me about my weight loss song that I deemed for myself "The warrior" (by Patty Smyth), I told her the part that describes me the most is at the end when it says "I am the warrior & victory is mine!!!"

Just a great day.. here's a few photos of me after filming was done

They said it's scheduled to air in November but they'll let me know for sure, so when I know I'll be sure to tell ya'll!

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