Sunday, September 18, 2011

My 100 days till 1/1/2012 challenge (starting 9.22)

I posted this today on my Dandy Lions team..

according to my calculations there are only 104 days until the new year, I would love to do a 100 days challenge

Do you need a fresh start, a new plan, a new challenge, a re-boot, a re-start.
Lets do this!!!!

Write down your goals here
Come up with an action plan for the next 100 days and post it here.
When we get EXACTLY to the 100 days until 1/1/12 we'll begin the challenge and I will post daily for you to be accountable and keep track

No special rules or special 100 day plan needed. Just YOUR OWN plan, whatever works for you, your own rules and plan but most importantly commitment TO YOU for this time--

100 days, 14 weeks. Stay healthy, have fun and above all Love yourself and put you first!!

Who's in with me?!?!

Krystie's 100 days goals.

Exercise 6 days a week for 75 mins each day

Drink 12 glasses of water each day

Stay within my ranges 98% of the time


Blog about it often

Limit my sugars/sweets to a bare minimum

Loose 10% of my body weight ( 173 lbs) (current 173 lbs)

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