Friday, August 19, 2011

Update on Dr Stuff...

I'm back from the Ultrasound, of course they didn't tell me anything, they said they'd let my doctor know and she'll call me. Sigh.. more waiting.

For those wondering, I went in for a right upper quadrant ultrasound ( liver/ pancreas /gallbladder (I don't have one) bile duct & Right Kidney) because my Dr called the other day letting me know that my liver enzymes were thru the roof (nearly 5xs normal range) and they wanted to check to see what's going on. She asked me if I drank, I said Rarely, she asked if I took a lot of Tylenol, I said no, I hate taking pills, so then she tells me she wants to do an ultrasound because my numbers are so very high.

She also said they ran a Hepatitis test and that came back negative, so that's good but I still had to have the US to see what else it might be.

I refuse to believe anything is wrong with me, I think they made a mistake in their testings, I am healthy, I am active, I have NO symptoms (jaundice, fatigue, etc ) so they have to be wrong.. Anyway I thought I'd share you with you all whats going on, and not leave anyone hanging, because you are like my family and you all care about me and I don't want to leave anyone guessing.

Continue praying that indeed the tests are wrong! I've experienced a medical miracle before with my breast tissue and I'm claiming it again in this situation.. (You know the kind, the dr's are baffled because they saw something, and then check it again and its gone!! ).. Ya that's what is going to happen when they call me with the test results of the ultra sound!


UPDATE : **UPDATE*** Dr called and said my liver is perfectly fine... All praises to Jesus!!!!!!! 

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