Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 9 Trick My Body Challenge

(7/26) Woke up at 7am very tired, very cranky, didn't get much sleep from being up so late from the Braves Game on Monday night. 

Ate at 7:20 (10 points) 

Breakfast was Oatmeal with fresh blueberries & coffee with creamer 

Went to the gym and warmed up on the treadmill 13 mins (1 mile) and then hopped on Elliptical for 7 mins, then class for 40 minutes and omgosh what a hard class, we were pulling one another down the mat with a Gei Belt.. I don't think I've ever pulled 150 pounds before and wow was it challenging but I did. Then we put the belt around our waist area and the partner behind us had to basically "hold the other person back" and the one up front had to run while dragging the other person.. Talk about an intense grueling workout!!! 

After class, grabbed a Subway Salad, then went grocery shopping. 
Later that afternoon I went out to the gazebo to do 30 more mins on the elliptical to get my 90 mins in for the day (10 points). 

Supper I had a Steak, Baked Potato & California Medley. 

I was super short on calories so for Snack I had Grape Nuts, with Milk and a Banana 

1393 Calories, 235 Carbs (OVER, ugh I hate that fruit is high carbs!) 21 Fat (Low) 85 Protein, 31 Fiber & 1258 Sodium 

It was a great day!! Here's to another great day for day 10! 

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