Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 6 Trick My Body Challenge


Got woke up at 6:45, had a banana at 7, 4 tsp creamer, 2 cups coffee . 
Breakfast didn't really happen but since I ate the banana I'm giving myself credit, as long as I ate something.. 10 points 

We went for a bike ride today 100 minutes 11.51 miles It was so much fun. So that way my exercise for the day 

Came home made them all lunch then I had, 2 apple slices, probiotic vanilla yogurt, blueberries & cherries 

Went outside and tanned a little then for snack I had 2 eggs, 1 cup spinach, 1/2 cup 3 beans (pinto, kidney, & lental) 1 oz pepper jack 

12 glasses of water down so far. 

Dinner, Chicken, squash & fresh cooked carrots. & some watermelon. 

Day 5 in the evening I didn't have any control and ate those 5 powdered sugar donuts, and a granola bar, and really wasn't trying hard to control myself. I know I will still have those urges, I just need to be more disciplined and control myself. Even after all this time on my journey I'm still learning stuff!! 

Snack Vanilla Yogurt, Cherries 33 chocoalte chips & 1 sprinkle of coconut shavings. 

Great day!! 

40 more points 

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