Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 2 Trick my Body challenge

Yesterday was great day!! woo hoo 

Day 2 

Woke up at 8:00 
Breakfast 8:30 (10 points for eating within 30 mins of waking) 
Breakfast 3 eggs, 1 ground turkey patty (no bun) 1 cup coffee, 2 tsp coffee creamer 

11:00 weighed, surprised that the scale is down 1.2 pounds from yesterday, not going to get to excited since my body changes daily. 

11:30 Exercise 30 mins Bob Harper's cardio dvd, 10 mins Denise Austins ultimate fat burner had to stop doing it because my shoulder was hurting. 25 mins on the treadmill & 25 mins elliptical --90 total mins done all at once!!! (10 points) 

I'm exhausted but so proud of myself for not stopping. Those last 10 minutes on the elliptical felt like 60 so YAY me I did it!! WHEW!! 

Lunch, Apple & Probiotic Vanilla Yogurt 
Snack 1.25 oz of mixed nuts 9 cups water so far 

Cooked dinner,Had Salmon, Potato, and peas, I did good, had a very tiny tiny amount of french bread, smaller than even a roll, maybe 1/2 dollar sized amount. I knew I couldn't eat more than that or I'd be suffering tomorrow,(and the next and the next and the next) 

Water update 16 glasses for the day (10 points) 

Yay I got my 40 points for the day again. 

Calories 1372 Fat 56 Carbs 144 Protein 79 Fiber 18, Sodium 944. I need to up my fiber just a tiny bit. 

It's bedtime and I haven't snacked, and I will keep it that way. It's easier to not have anything than to go over board on what I want to snack on... 

Night all 

Great day 2 

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