Sunday, May 8, 2011

Playing Catch up 74,75,76

Last night there was a MMA Fight and my trainer was in it, so we decided to go and it was so much fun! There was 10 matches and 8/10 had someone from my gym that I go to (Independent MMA) in the match.
Of those 8 we won 6 of the fights. WOO HOO!

My trainer rocked his match, he did so awesome, he won by judge decision!!! Just a super awesome exciting night!! On Friday when I was training my trainer said "We train WINNERS" at this place nothing else!! Push yourself! GO GO GO....
He was sure right! I'm so proud and thrilled to be a part of this amazing group of "athletes" (me an athlete! woah!)

There was even a FEMALE fight, (which by the way was amazing and I totally could see myself doing that in a year or so with training!)

Who would've thought I'd be having thoughts of going into a cage match! LOL The girl from my gym was there (the one that I wrestled with and got the bruises) and we both were just like Oh my gosh I that is so awesome, I want to do that! She said the next time she's coming to a match shes going to be in it! I though that was awesome! She's super strong and would rock it too!!
I told my husband I could totally see myself doing that and he said "I DONT THINK SO!" lo giggle I love my protective husband, but with training I totally would do it!! (this statement blows me away -- I really have come so far on my journey!!)

It's been an amazing week and I'm thrilled. The scale is moving, I'm feeling great! Looking forward to another awesome week on my journey

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