Sunday, May 22, 2011


I think I remember telling you all that about 3 weeks ago Sparkpeople contacted me in regards to PBS doing a segment on people in Georgia who've lost weight, and asked me if I was interested so I submitted my information, well they called the other day to let me know they'd like to do a phone interview, so I agreed and she called today!!!! 

We had great phone interview, She asked me about my journey, we chit chatted a bit, just a nice friendly conversation!!!! She said she liked me and wants to film me... 

I will be going this coming Saturday to film and then out of the blue she said if that goes well, they'd like to follow me around for a day, come to my house see me posting on, (and the boards!! ) , then follow me to the gym and film me boxing and working out etc. WOW WOW WOW!!! 

Basically make me a whole segment! Oh my goodness I'm freaking out.. woah this is so overwhelming but so exciting!! 

Had to share with you all!!!!! 

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