Saturday, May 28, 2011


Let me back track, we love Six flags, we go regularly. Well 3.5 years ago I was ready to try the roller coaster called Goliath and so me and Miranda stood in line for 2 hours,  and me being oblivious to my size didn't really think I wouldn't  fit, well the longer I stood in line the more nervous I became that maybe  I couldn't and so when we finally got to the seats I got in and was WEDGED tight, the man said, try and adjust so I did and he still couldn't get it clicked, he said "I've only got 1 click, I need 3" well it wasn't happening so I got off the ride, and I was crying, Miranda was crying, and I was so embarrassed.  I told her to go on without me, it's ok. But for really the first time  I had my "SLAP in the FACE" about my size, no longer could I pretend I was "just fine". So I made it a personal goal that one day, I would ride that ride.

Fast forward to last year, I had been working really hard on my journey, so I decided to give it a try, nope still not there yet, so I told Miranda, I'm not giving up, I'm gonna keep trying, tried at the end of the season, still nope, I tried in March when they opened and it was 2 clicks ooh yay getting so close, so I've just kept going and working hard.

Well Yesterday, We went to Six Flags because a new ride ride Dare Devil Dive opened and I wanted to ride, I was a bit nervous waiting in line thinking omgosh what if I stand here like I did Goliath a few years ago and I can't fit, so when I go up there, and sat down I had room on both sides of the seat, I was like awww yay piece of cake! No problem! So then that got me thinking hmm if I can ride this I wonder if I can ride Goliath.

So I told the girls that I wanted to go up on the deck and see if I could actually do it yet (not just in the test seat outside the gate).I wasn't sure if I would or not and I told the attendant I just really want to see if I fit, I've been working so hard, but I don't know if I'm there yet,  I'm thrilled to report FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY after 3 years was able to fit into the seat and got to ride Goliath!! I sat down, the attendant pushed it shut then came back and pushed it one more time and woo hoo, I was locked in and we were going to ride!! At that moment I realized OMG I did did I did it! Talk about an amazing feeling

I was so happy I got off the ride crying!! It was so amazing and such an accomplishment for me to FINALLY be able to ride this ride, from the first day I was told I was too big to ride, that has always been my personal goal, that one day, I WILL Conquer Goliath! Well woo hoo I did it! I DID IT!!

I cannot express how excited I was yesterday!

Had to share with you, This has been my year of firsts and I defiantly have to say this tops the list thus far!!

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