Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 72 Was Great


Had an INTENSE workout today at the gym

today we did 45 seconds of each (twice)
50 pound over head shoulder presses
Bear Crawls across the mat
Deep seat squats with 50 pound dumb-bell
60 pound bar doing squats
25 pound medicine ball triceps extensions
Running up and down the stairs

then we did 5 mins non stop of
Jump Squats, running in place, push ups, mountain climbing

Then class ended so I decided to do more
15 mins on treadmill (jogging)
Then 30 mins on Elliptical
5 mins stretching afterwards

Another great day! It was hard but I managed to NOT get on the scale the entire day!! woo hoo! I cannot believe how addicted I am to that thing! LOL

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