Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 67, 68 & 69

Hmm Thursday... Don't remember... lol!! Went to the park and did my walk/jog was still sore from the workout the day before so that's all I did.

Friday I ended up wasting the whole stinking day!! First I took the old van over for emissions and the stupid thing fails.... so then I take the van to Ford to have a recall taken care of so it doesn't blow up (yikes).. then took it to the car wash, and went thru and the first time it didn't get clean, so I vacuumed it out and had to go thru again, by then it's nearly 12:30, I've missed my morning class, missed lunch and I'm starving.

Go and get gas in the van and head towards the mechanics to drop of the van, walked home, (only bout .75 mile from home)..

Literally wasted the whole day. Evening was spent watching the Royal wedding

I am bit peeved because I got on the scale and somehow I'm up 6 flipping pounds.. I know it's that time of the month, but 6 pounds REALLY!! Ugh, I've been working out so intensely and being 100% in my ranges for food, this just doesn't make a lick of sense. Maybe it's just the swollen muscles along with TOM but ughhhhh I don't like this, this will not get me to my 100 pounds gone if I keep going up

I asked my trainer today and he said it could be the muscles swelling and retaining fluids because their not used the work I've been doing, he said that I may go up before I have a big amount drop while my muscles adjust and my body adjusts to this new lifestyle.. He said to ignore the scale for right now and focus only on how the clothes feel (sound familiar?!?! LOL)
It doesn't thrill me at all to have a gain but I'll keep going

I'm sure the swelling and this week my period showed up it's a combo of the two, but it's still frustrating.

Day 69.. Went to class did all boxing (my arms arm tired), then went outside weed wacked and then went out to dinner whee I did good until desserts hit the table! LOL Butter pecan ice cream & angel food cake.. yum!!!!

Ready for a great day 70 tomorrow!!!!!!!

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