Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 65.. Class was BRUTAL

Oh my gosh, yesterday's class was insane! I was wrestling on the mat "practicing" submissions & pinning, WOW that was fun and scary all at the same time. When he first said we were going be practicing that I was scared, because I've never done that before , part of me wanted to leave but I stayed anyway. My partner is all of 120 pounds but man she's a little warrior!!! She kept taking me down, bam, bam, bam!! I can't count how many times I got thrown to the mat! LOL

Then our trainer had us do an intense arm workout with weights,
75 bench press with 40lb bar)
75 Dumb Bell presses with 8lbs on each hand

and "just for fun " as the trainer put it, he followed all that up by me having my legs lifted while I walk with my arms (holding 5lb) weights... (like wheelbarrow )

It was BRUTAL, today I am bruised from head to toe and in a bit of pain from the "wrestling" for 15 minutes (3 5 min rounds) that we did, it litterally was a "match" wow! I must say for my first time that I did pretty good! I'm sore but am I quitting? No way, as a matter of fact I'm going back this morning for more!!

I will not let a bunch of bruises keep me from reaching my goals!!! I've counted over 30 bruises from my toes to my neck! LOL. My kids are freaked out cause mommy is black n blue but their just bruises, they'll heal.

(these were taken yesterday evening but you can see the bruises already, today their just more purple)

And this afternoon

See all the little bruises on the front

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