Thursday, April 21, 2011


OMGOSH! Today was intense for the class!!! 

I got there, and got on the treadmill, walked 10, jogged 10 then went over to the mats where we were going to start. He started us off with 3 mins jumping rope, 3 mins shadow boxing (repeating the pattern 3 times), then we did 25 jumping jacks, then got our gloves on and partnered up (I met a really nice girl, (we were the only girls) and she was so kind and understanding to my "NEWBIE-NESS" I kept apologizing for getting to close when we were practicing hitting, I was terrified I was going to hit her face! Guess that's something I've got to get over if I'm going to learn to box. The instructor was very patient with me as I learned the "lingo" and the stance, and we practiced, swatting and punching, & guarding today, we "boxed" for an entire hour" He showed me proper stance and encouraged me when I would get it right. I loved that!! 

After that he had us line up on the mat at and went down the line and we all had to do 25 of the following---Jumping jacks, jump squats, mountain climbers, sprawls, (OMG SO HARD), crunches, plank -hold for 25 secs, not sure what its called but in t-stand hop legs from side to side - only using arms to hold you while jumping, and jump -squat & sprawl, and the rule was if someone messed up we had to start over, so we got 6 done and some guy stopped, so he started us over, did 2 more, again mess up, put us all in a circle as a team and did them slowly so we ended up doing closer to 50! UGHHH Those SUCKED!!! Pretty proud of myself, one guy actually gave up on them, and just wouldnt' do anymore, proud to say I wasnt a quitter! 

Finished off with a good stretch! I cannot believe how intense this class was today!! WOW WOW WOW!!!!! But I never quit and I never gave up, I finished every single move! I'm exhausted, been up since 3:30 am and still did all that, when I get Tyler I'm gonna go lay down for a nap!!! 

I cannot wait to see the results from all these hardcore workouts I've just started doing! Weigh in is Friday emoticon

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