Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 58 another awesome day

I got up in the morning, had my Bible time, while Tyler is getting ready for school, finish that go and take him to school, and my friend calls and wanted to know if I wanted to go walking, she must have read my mind, I already had my exercise clothes on and had every intention of going once I dropped him off. 

So we met and walked, I ended up doing 3 miles at a fast comfortable pace (only jogged a tiny bit) 

Came home, did my Sparking around. family time and such then later that night was Boxing class again, I decided to try the more "intense" workout from another trainer and WOAH baby was it hardcore. It was intense but manageable and I never quit. My coach asked how I liked it and if it was too hard, I said, it wasn't hard where I couldn't do it but it defiantly was a challenge and I'll be doing it again! I asked him how I was doing and he said "Better than most of these people who've been coming a while" .. lol yay me 

Class was an hour long... Heres what we did. First I warmed up on the Elliptical for 15 minutes, then he took us outside and had us run 15 laps around the parking lot, then we did 4 suicides (run to the first line, run back, run to the second line run back run to the third line back = 1 ), then we had to do 50 jumping jacks and then we went back inside and spent 10 mins working on our abs (crunches, bicycles, supermans, planks etc ) (OUCHIE!!), then 100 lunges, then we went over and did punching on the bag for a while, more jumping jacks and squats, and finished with weight lifting (each arm 25 bicep curls, 25 over head press, 25 kickbacks, 25 triceps extensions) 

Talk about a total body workout!! Whew!! It was great!! Defiantly what I needed. I will also be most defiantly doing it again!!! 

Total 120 mins of exercise & 5 miles done for the day! I stayed in my ranges but went over my fat by 3, so technically I say perfect day! 

Another successful day done ready for 59 

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