Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 53 Part 2

today has been a FABULOUS day, I got up this morning, read my Bible, took Tyler to school, then went to the park and did my 5 mins warm up, then I jogged 3.3 miles in 37 mins, and cooled down with another 5 min walk 4 miles done today!! woo hoo

Went and got my 5k race packet for Saturday, I'm so excited, as mentioned before I will be representing my weight loss team at the 5k, with my family and we all will be in our Dandy Lion shirts (even little Tyler!! ) I'm so excited, I've been wanting this for a whole year and it's nearly here.. just excited to finally prove to myself that I can run a 5k! I've been trying and practicing and will do my best

I've made good choices with my food today and am in all my ranges! YAY!

Tonight I went for a 14 mile bike ride with my husband for 75 mins, just riding around talking and spending time together without spending any money!! Woo hoo!! I can't believe how much I love riding bikes!!! I know I did when I was a kid, guess that never goes away. It's fun exercise! What could be better.

Tomorrow is gonna be an exercise rest day just so I'm not sore for race day.

Have an amazing night.. I'll see you all tomorrow

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