Monday, April 11, 2011

DAy 50! 1/2 way thru challenge

What a GREAT day!

today I met my friend at the park , and we walked and chatted, nothing too "physical" for walking, but I did run one lap just because :D did 3 miles today and then came home and did 20 minutes of Just Dance 2 for the wii.

Then I came home & booked a family vacation to Disney for my son's 5th birthday on June 26th. (we'll get to Fl on 6.25 so he can wake up and go to the parks for his day, we'll be there 7 days!) I am so excited, We're going to try and keep it a secret from the kids to surprise them! I'm excited because we'll be getting to meet up with Greg's sister and her husband as well down there. We haven't seen her since Grace was a baby (she's 9.5 now) and his sister was just a teen. It'll be great to spend some time with her & her husband. I really think it'll be so great to finally get to know her

So with the upcoming vacation I am determined to step this journey into high gear, last year at this time I was on fire, rocking it and I made my Disney goal, I'm going to do it again this year. Today I got on the scale and I'm 190.4 pounds, I'd like to lose 20+ pounds by the time we leave for Disney! That would be amazing, putting me at my 100 pounds gone mark WOO HOO Gotta work hard to ensure I am successful. Only 2 months 2 days till then!

Food wise is an A+ I'm trying to stay at the high end of my ranges because of all the exercise I do. I don't want my body rebelling and not loosing weight because it thinks it's starving.

Calories goal 1,400 - 1,720 goal - 1645 actual
Fat goal 36-63 -- 61 actual
Protein 60-142-- 62 actual
Fiber 25-50 goal -- 43 actual
Sodium 500-2000 goal 1502 Actual


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