Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 45 & 46

Ugh I keep forgetting to post my blogs! That's what happens when I've been slacking on my diet, I slack on my blogs too!!

Been a rough couple days, but I'm climbing back on the wagon and getting back on track.. No more binging for me...

I can and will do this because FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

Last night we went to the Japanse steak house place again and I asked them to cook my food seperate so that way I had NO sauce, No Oils, No Butters, they looked shocked and kept saying "NO SAUCE? NO BUTTER?" I kept repeating RIGHT, NO SAUCE NO BUTTER, apparently they don't have to many "healthy" requests lol, everyone must enjoy the 5lbs of butter and 2 pounds of teriyaki & soy sauce they add! LOL so anyway, they prepared mine first then everyone else's and it was fabulous, I was able to eat healthy and enjoyed it so much more!!!

Then we went to a movie (Sucker Punch It was HORRIBLE & totally SUCKED) and I did good, had no snacks but I did have a Caramel Latte from the Gas Station that I chugged like it was water.. then came home and lost my mind with more snacking.. So like I said, no more binging, back on track today and working hard...


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