Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 41 - A good Day

Today was a good day, in regards to exercise, I took it easy went for a short bike ride before Tyler fell of the monkey bars (we were riding at the school) and they were playing when he fell and busted his lip open so we piled all the bikes in the car and came home so we could ice it. Decided not to take him to the dr after calling the nurse hotline. He seems to be doing fine. Poor love it was his first split lip!! (Of many more to come I'm sure) LOL

Food wise I was REALLY short on calories after dinner (thats what I get for eating veggies for lunch! LOL ) so Greg and I went to Starbucks and I got me a Caramel Frap with whipped cream & caramel Syrup drizzle! Soo good! Add in a snicker bar for dessert and I finally made my calorie range for the day! LOL Not something I'd do regularly to get my calories, but since I was in my ranges I decided to have a treat and I'm good with it! Simply because I REFUSE to restrict myself from a treat now and then, From day one I have NEVER told myself "I CANT HAVE" eesh, honestly I cannot function on the "I CAN'TS" otherwise I'd be binging like a maniac because I said I "couldn't" have it, I'd be eating it, sneaking it, hoarding it, whatever I could to make sure I was getting it.. so by allowing myself a treat here and there, I don't feel deprived and I'm still living while on my journey.

My motto, Every thing in moderation...

So I give myself an A+ for the day and I'm looking forward to my "rest day" tomorrow for Day 42

Have a great night everyone.

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