Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Goals

rystie's April Goals

*Continue making God my first priority each day by reading Bible before boards.

1. To Exercise 5 days a week -
goal of 1700 minutes and 65 miles of walking, jogging, running or biking

2. To make sure I give my body rest that it needs

3. To Drink 12 glasses or more a day

4. To lose 1.8 pounds or more per week for a total of 9 pounds by April 30th
(4.1.11 weight 191.6)

5. To continue staying in my food ranges set by Sparkpeople.

6. To run my entire 5k without stopping

7. To limit myself from sweets & junk food to a minimum

8.To continue to blog for the 100 day challenge.

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