Monday, April 25, 2011

2 Months till Disney!!

Woo hoo I'm so excited to be going to Disney in 2 months!! Time to get my hind end moving and get working towards reaching 100lbs gone by then! I KNOW I CAN DO IT!

Last year when we went to Disney (April 1st 2010) I weighed 238 pounds! How exciting to get to go this year and be way down in ONEderland with 100 pounds gone!! Woo hoo I can do this!!

Here's me from last year after loosing 33.1 pounds for my 1st goal on my weight loss journey

And just for a reminder for myself, from the year before that (Feb 2009) of just how far I have come on this journey (aprox weight 255-260? or more not sure)

Only about 17 pounds until I reach 100 total gone, that's about 2 pounds a week! Totally do-able when I put my mind to it!! How exciting it will be to travel to my fav vacation spot so much healthier this year!!

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