Saturday, March 26, 2011

My 4 year old can hug me all the way around!!!!!

Today has been the best day ever on my weight loss journey.

Today in the kitchen my 4 year old son comes up and gives me a big hug, when all of a sudden I realize OMGOSH, his hands are touching one another in the back WHAT?!! OMGOSH he can reach all the way around my waist to hug me!!!!!

I am so overwhelmed with joy from this victory. To be small enough finally in this child's life for him to give his mama a hug completely, omgosh just over joys my heart!!! I'm doing it and this is one victory I am beaming ear to ear from!!! Before, I've never had a full hug from him and let me tell you it feels amazing to be hug so tightly by your children!!!! WOW

On your journey be sure to celebrate those little victories, those are what's going to keep you going when you've had a rough couple of days!!

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