Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 35, doing great & feeling fine

Woo hoo I'm so excited! Another great day.

We had church this morning, came home had lunch, then took a nap (YAY ME) then wen to the store and did some shopping, got some ingredients for a YUMMY and OH SO DELICIOUS Shrimp Stir Fry (Onions, Green peppers, carrots, Tomatoes, Mrs Dash seasonings, Shrimp and turkey brats cut up).. ohh me it was so yummy and so filling.

After dinner I went out to the gazebo and did the Biggest Loser Last chance workout for 66 mins. Woo hoo..

Just a great day!

I added up my MARCH EXERCISE and I'm at 1,741 minutes of exercise and 62.46 miles so I have already passed my March fitness goals this month! Very happy & proud of myself for that. (goal was 1400 mins and 60 miles)

Looking forward to weigh in day tomorrow.

I'm going to finish this month going out like a Lion, A Dandy Lion that is, and Dandy Lions always R.O.A.R (Refuse to quit, Overcome Obstacles, Account for my actions, Reach all of my goals)... Feels good that I've rocked this month!!

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