Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 34 of the challenge!! Super Successful!

What a great day, earlier I posted a blog that sent me through the moon with happiness (see below) and then I went out and exercised and did AMAZING,
I did 46 minutes on the elliptical, half way thru I grabbed my 10lb kettle bell and did arm movements with the kettle bell while busting it out on the elliptical,
then I hopped over to the treadmill and grabbed the 15 pound kettle bell and did similar movements as seen on Biggest Loser where they make them hold the medicine ball above their heads and in front of them. Did that for 15 mins, the put the kettle bell down and jogged for the remaining 20 minutes.

81 mins of exercise for the day wooo hoo

Tonight we went to dinner at a place that serves tortilla chips & Salsa as an appetizer. She asked if we wanted them and I said yes you can bring them (everyone else loves them), but for the first time EVER I told myself, Krystie, every time you eat these these hurt you, they upset your tummy and and give you bowel problems, so even though you love them, it's not worth the pain later from eating them.
In my mind, that was all I needed, So I treated it like I was allergic to them, (which in a sense I must be because I have the SAME reaction every time I eat corn chips, & other bread type products).. and by doing that I didn't crave them,

I didn't give in and was able to have them a foot from my face without buckling. I am so very proud of myself. This is a HUGE accomplishment for me. I've never been able to resist!! Guess I'm still "learning" and growing on my journey.

Today I decided that when I reach 100 pounds gone I am going to book a vacation to Puerto Rico to visit my dear friend Carmen & her beautiful country. I'm excited about that. I'm only 23 pounds from the 100 so it wont be long before I get to book a vacation!!! WOO HOOO I'm going to set a goal of 23lbs gone by June, and that will give me something to work hard for.

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