Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 33 of my challenge! Woo hoo Go me!!!

Wow what an amazing, awesome, wonderful day!! I am so so so proud of myself

This morning I was feeling lazy but said "No no the game stops today, get up and go exercise, so I went to the park and I ran 3.1 miles in 36 minutes!! WOO HOOO OMGOSH I'm so so proud of myself!

I am getting faster each time I practice, on Tuesday when I ran I did 3.1 miles in 38.16 minutes so I shaved off 2 whole minutes again!! In just a month's time I've gone from not being able to run more than 2 minutes to running nearly all 36 mins!!

The best part, it's getting easier! When I first started this I was having a lot of trouble, I wasn't a "runner" actually I was really struggling with the 5k program and now it's getting easier and I'm getting faster, all because I haven't given up, I've kept pushing myself and trying, trying trying, and my hard work is paying off!

Then tonight after dinner I went for a bike ride. did 94 mins of biking and 10.05 miles !! Go me!!!!! Woo hoo

Been a fantastic day. I'm in all my ranges and I ROCKED the exercise today!! BOOYA!!!!

Feels great after the last couple "ehhh" days!!!!

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