Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 29 of my challenge

Ugh, what a day yesterday I am so glad it's DONE, first I spent half of the morning arguing with the Dentist that I used to go to about a bill that I paid that they cashed the check but "forgot" to credit my account, finally got that cleared, then had a spat with my husband, sometimes he forgets to think before he speaks and ends up saying things that hurt my feelings, so I had to explain to him all that, so by then it was 11 am and I was just drained. 

Took the 2nd van into the shop because it hadn't been running and I thought we'd be needing 2 vehicles again so I took it over there, walked back and like within an hour of dropping it off, I got an email telling me I didn't get the job that I was really hoping for so needless to say my day became even more icky. I'm at peace with not getting the job because I believe everything is His will, and apparently this job was not right for me. 

I did well though in the food, I only went over my calories by 130, not bad, and I would have been in perfect ranges had I not had some of the frosted mini wheats out of my husbands bowl. LOL. That's ok, 130 over is not the end of the world. As for exercise, I only got that short amount of walking from the repair shop to home in so today will be step it back up and get moving day for me. 

Have a good one everyone, Make it a great day! 

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