Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 27 of my Challenge

Yesterday was a great day, we planned to go to six flags so I got up early and started preparing the snacks & drinks and such. Made a healthy salad for me to have for lunch (carrots, green peppers ,onions, mushroom, & tomato and fresh ground pepper!! yum!) instead of PB&J that the kids would be having while we're there (I bring my own food because 1, their food is not healthy & 2 it's so expensive and we just go out to the car and eat it and then go back in)

So we went and it was fun, it was really really crowded, Six Flags was good but the lines were so long and it was so busy we hardly got to ride anything.

 I went  over to Goliath to test in the seat they have out front and last year I could only get 1 click on the locking device but  yesterday I got at least 2 but I don't think more. But I'm not sure,   I remember them saying  I'd need 3 clicks so I'm not sure, the lines were like 2hrs plus long so I wasn't going to stand around waiting to have them "really" check. That's ok, I've moved up 1 from the last time I checked  so it wont be long and I'll be click click click and I'll be riding that roller coaster. Just gives me something to keep working!

I did do lots of walking, when everyone was in line for the rides, I just took off and did a bunch of purposeful walking all over the park, from one end to another making big circles, I tracked 7.5 miles of walking yesterday! WOO HOO My legs are sore this morning but not unbearable!

Thinking I'll make day 28 a rest day just to let my legs relax!

Another perfect day in my food /water ranges 15 glasses of water

1487 calories
252 carbs  ( over by 7 so not really counting it as a bad.. )
37  fat
 54 protein
31 fiber
1609 sodium

Have a great Sunday everyone.

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