Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 25 of my challenge

Yesterday was day 25! I am thrilled that I have stuck to this challenge and not said "forget it". If I may say so myself, I am ROCKING it, I'm very proud of my accomplishments and all that I've done in 25 days.

Ready to rock the next 75 as well.

This weekend 6 FLAGS OPENS!!! I'm so excited! Why you ask? Well when I started my weight loss journey there were 2 rides that I could not fit on due to my size, Superman & Goliath, (I remember the first time I went to ride Goliath, we waited in line for 2 hours, (me and Miranda) finally got to the loading dock and they couldn't buckle me in, I was crying she was crying, it was humiliating and I felt horrible that I couldn't ride with her, I told her to go on ahead and I stood and cried the whole time because reality had slapped me in the face, that's when I started to get serious about my weight for the first time ever)

well in the fall of last year I had lost enough weight that I got to ride Superman and I LOOOOOVED it, I felt so amazing getting in and having it click tight so I could ride. It was a HUGE accomplishment for me, so that left only Goliath that I couldn't get on because of how the seat is shaped, my legs were to big for it to click safely. The last time I tried was right before Halloween and I couldn't fit yet, so I'm going to try this weekend and see if 75lbs is enough!

This year I plan to conquer Goliath and fit in the seat ride that ride!! If I can't ride it this weekend I will for sure by the end of the season. I will not let that ride defeat me. That's my big goal right now is to FINALLY ride it.

Have a great Friday to everyone reading my blog!! Ohh by the way, I got on the scale today and I'm down a little more than a half of a pound, can't wait to see what "OFFICIAL" Monday weigh in is!! WOO HOO

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