Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 24 of my 100 day Challenge

Today was an amazingly awesome day!! I decided to go to the park to practice my 5k running, so I jogged then walked and so on, when I was getting to the lap that would make 2+ miles, i told myself that I am going to speed things up, I am NOT going to baby jog and I hauled hiney! What usually takes my 4-5 mins around the track I did in 3 mins. According to runkeeper, I was averaging 8:31 mile.. HOLY BUCKETS!! I was flying!! I am so so very proud of myself I finally proved I can RUN and not just jog!! WOO HOO! Now to just keep practicing to build my endurance so I can run the whole 3 miles. Today I ran 2 out of the 3.83 miles

So I did 53 mins of walking/jogging/running and then came home and did 37 mins of elliptical and 10 mins tonight playing with the Cubbies at Awana. for 100 mins today

Tonight I upped my calories to the high end, just to switch things up for my metabolism but all still in my ranges so a PERFECT DAY in food again!! WOO HOO

Calories 1660
Carbs 238
Fat 44
Protein 91
Fiber 31
Sodium 1775

I put my Dandy Lion 75lb charm on my Italian Charm Bracelet so I have met March's goal .. That's all I wanted this month was to be able to add my charm and I DID IT!!! (The Dandy Lions team means so much to me that I had the custom made so I could always be reminded of the team on my journey) the next one I have is my 100 pound charm.. OMGOSH, I am only 25lbs from loosing 100!?!? That's amazing!! I'd like to get that charm by June!

Perfect day!! Looking forward to Day 25

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