Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 20 of my challenge

Yesterday was a great day, in the morning, we went for a small walk with the kids on the bike, I was able to jog a little along side Tyler as he rode, but we were on a hilly road and he wasn't feeling very confident riding his bike up and down the hills, so we went back to the house, loaded up his bike in the car so him & daddy could drive, and me, Hannah & Grace, jumped on our bikes and we were going to ride over to the school so he could ride on flat ground, but I got about half way down the road and I had a flat tire. WHAT, this bike has only been rode twice since we bought it 3 weeks ago!! BOOO, so thankfully Greg came by, took that bike back and I proceeded to walk/jog while Hannah & Grace rode. I really enjoyed that!

Got to the school did a bunch more walking and jogging..

Finished the day with 3.96 miles of walking and 2.77 miles of bike riding for the day 94 mins.

In the evening we went to a Japanese Steakhouse for the first time ever. It was fun but I didn't like that I couldn't control what they put on the stuff, since it was served to everyone on our side of the table. I really would have preferred if they gave me the option to say NO SAUCE, plain only.

I opted for white rice instead of the fried rice, and WOW am I glad I did, they put about a cup of olive oil on the grill, then the rice then about 4 tbsp of butter and all this other gunk and every time he added something I was like OMG talk about horrible calories!! ICK ICK ICK.. I ate about 1.2 cup of the white rice and I was content with that! SO GLAD I didn't get the fried rice, after seeing how it's prepared I will NEVER eat that gunk again!!

Based on that I don't see how this could be healthy for me, because all those sauces are loaded with sodium and I prefer plan or maybe with ground pepper or something.. I don't see myself going back there because I need to be in charge of my journey. Not sharing the exact same meal with 8 other people who don't care about calories, fat and sodium. Again a fun experience but not beneficial to my journey.

Later we went to a friends house and I had a very large piece of Carrot cake that I really didn't need ... eesh I love Carrot Cake.

So I'm giving myself a 3 yesterday. I worked hard with the exercise but meal choices & cake were too much and threw me over my calories.

Ready for today.. day 21

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