Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 14 of my Challenge

Oh boy, not a good day, not sure what got into me but I'm learning from it and moving on.
I started the morning with cinnamon toast, but then after church we went to Stevie B's pizza and I ate way to many slices and desserts, which then made me super sleepy and lazy and I didn't do much of anything after we got home. Supper was ok, had pot roast & baby carrots, but then later snacked on a bowl of frosted mini wheats..

Scale of 1-5 I'd give myself a 1 yesterday. Today my tummy hurts because I know I can't eat all those carbs because it gives me tummy aches but I did it anyway, so live and learn! I'm bound to make mistakes here and there but as long as I learn from it then it's all good.

Here's to a better week!!! Can't believe we're already 2 weeks into the challeng

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