Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 13 of my challenge

Today I'm back on track and happy to report that I had a great day! I'm 100% in my calorie & nutrition ranges!!

Today I went and had a pedicure done to celebrate my entering Onederland. I got purple toees and then she put diamonds on the big toe! it's so pretty! I then went to Walmart and bought some toe rings to dress up my toes even more!!

No exercise today, my knee is feeling weird, not pain but like it needs to pop but it wont, and I really didn't want to risk injury so I decided to take another day off. I'm ok with not exercising, because I did Sun-Thur so that's still 5 days like my regular goal is.

Giving myself a 5 /5 today because I made great choices and was aware of everything that I did. Ready for day 14

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