Monday, February 28, 2011

February Recap - March Goals

Goodbye February! Boy am I sure glad to see you go!!
Well as we come to an end of February I am happy to report that I did meet my goal of getting under 200lbs. I remember telling my friend, I will get below 200 if it kills me! Well praise the Lord it didn't kill me that would have sucked!! LOL (giggle sorry just being silly)
Today 2/28 my official weigh in I'm at 199.2 WOO HOOO. I worked very hard in February, I did nearly 1700 mins of exercise and I walked/jogged/ran & biked over 62 miles for the month! WOO HOOO244

Woo hoo I'm excited, I'm down 15 pounds since the first of January, finally under 200lbs, for a total of 72 pounds gone FOREVER!!!! I'm defiantly looking forward to a great month of March!! I've gotten the Gazebo back in order with my workout stuff so I'll be spending my time out there now. I just love it out there. It's my little haven!!

My goals
Exercise at least 4 days at week for 90 mins each day but aim for 6 days of total exercise
Goal 1500 mins of exercise or more
60 miles either walking, jogging, running or biking
Loose 3lbs to be able to put on my 75lb Dandy Lion Charm for my Italian Bracelet (I'll take more but I'm not going to stress if I don't get it :D )
Continue doing well on the 100 day challenge & blog a daily recap each day!

Here's to a wonderful month, I'm entering March like a (Dandy) Lion and I'll end March the same way WOO HOOOO

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