Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 5 of my challenge

Day 5 was so amazing in the fact that I made a huge change and am so proud of myself!!
Dh & I went to the movie theater and I usually buy a box (large) size of Mike & Ike Tropical candies and eat the whole box while in the movie, tonight I decided to skip the 700+ calories (5 servings in the box at 140 per serving) all the sugar, etc and I bought a bag of sugar free hard candies where 4 candies were 35 calories!! I ate 5 of them throughout the movie. So proud of myself for having 50 calorie snack instead of 700!! WOO HOO. It's the little changes that will add up to the big changes!!

I had another PERFECT day with my calories & food ranges~~~ 5 in a row! go me!!! BOOYA!

Today I took off of exercise instead of tomorrow, to try and heal and I'm feeling about 90% better Praise the Lord! Looking forward to being 100% so I can bust out the exercises.

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